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A year on from the UK’s ‘shareholder spring’, whether real or a media creation, executive remuneration remains a red-hot topic. In November 2012 Hedley May launched a study to examine how public companies are adapting to the hostile environment created by political pressure, increased shareholder activism and sensationalist media coverage. After interviews with Chairmen, Remuneration/Compensation Committee Chairs, HR Directors and Reward Directors representing 40 FTSE 100 companies across a breadth of industries, we have produced ‘Changing Faces at the RemCo’ in March 2013. In the report we analyse the skills that are now required of the key players involved – Remuneration/Compensation Committee Chairs, Group HR Directors and Reward Directors and how these individuals engage with executive management and institutional shareholders. We also consider how companies can successfully navigate the less than favourable media and political landscape.