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UK Social Mobility Awards 2018 - 18th October

The UK Social Mobility Awards recognises and celebrates the efforts of people and organisations who are embedding social mobility within their business and organisational procedures.

The Hedley May Challenge 2.0

Year two of Hedley May’s trek to York on behalf of the Prince’s Trust starts 5th October.

Making a difference in our community

We share our valuable skills to help others. Our efforts support the employability agenda and raise awareness and support for the disadvantaged.

When we founded Hedley May, we made a commitment to make a positive impact in the broader community. Through internships, training skills workshops and career mentoring, we apply our skills to maximise the potential of others.

Our community partnerships

Making the Leap, a London-based charity that improves social mobility by raising the aspirations of, and increasing opportunities for, young people between the ages of 11 and 25.
Helping 13 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school to transform their lives.
Giving students, often from underserved communities, the tools to create a brighter future for success, in college and career.
Hedley May has very much enjoyed the opportunity to work with students from The Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice (“SLJ”).  In the past school year, we hosted a group of ambitious 10th graders at our New York office for half a day to teach them about executive search and what a typical work day looks like for a range of professionals at our firm.  We also worked with a group of inspiring high school seniors, most of whom will be the first generation college attendees, as they perfected their application essays for a range of colleges and accompanying scholarships.  This winter, we created an interview skills workshop to help motivated 9th and 10th grade students prepare for interviews for competitive and intensive programs that will provide them with ongoing mentorship opportunities throughout high school and college.  We most recently appreciated being part of the school’s annual Career Day.  The students of SLJ are incredibly hard-working and we always leave each interaction with them overwhelmed by their dedication and excited for their bright futures.

Hedley May Community Diary

New York Two Day Mentorship Program


We are pleased to announce the completion of a two day mentorship program with two rising 11th graders from our community partner school, the Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice (“SLJ”).  These rising stars have also just completed a competitive leadership program at Brown University (a prestigious Ivy League college) earlier in the summer.

Thank you to Erin Strek who did a fantastic job organizing and leading our agenda for their time with us.  On the first day, we spent some time getting to know them; introduced them to the executive search business and the search process; taught them about LinkedIn and helped them create a profile; led a session on interview tips (with an emphasis on non-verbal cues); had them sit on a video interview for one of our searches following a team lunch; had mock interviews and feedback sessions with them; and ended the day with an introduction to resume writing.  We gave them homework over the weekend to come in today with an outline of the first draft of their resumes, and we spent much of the morning helping them fill out the content and polish the format of their resumes; after a lunch out, we proofread and finalized their resumes; had a second session on mock interviews and interview feedback to see how they had improved; and closed down the day with a re-group on everything they had learned and talked a little more about networking.

They are both incredibly impressive and hard-working and we can only hope it was as much of a positive experience for them as it was for us!

Launch of the UK Social Mobility Awards


Hedley May attended the launch of the UK Social Mobility Awards on 19 March.  These awards, organised by Making the Leap with the ceremony taking place on October 18th, have been specifically established to encourage initiatives that will promote and increase social mobility within Britain’s companies and institutions.  We are proud to be sponsoring the Recruitment Programme of the Year Award, this award celebrates the organisations that are leading the way in recruitment practices and programmes that tackle social mobility issues head on.

CV Workshop, Making the Leap


Hedley May had a very fulfilling day working with 9-10 young adults who ranged from soon to be school leavers at one end to graduates with some work experience at the other.  Each had been introduced to the course from one connection or another but what united them all was a wish to develop and a willingness to put in an effort.

We were helping them refine their CV’s and think about covering lettered and what they may want to communicate at an interview.  They collaborated with us very constructively, but it was also good to see a healthy level of interaction with each other as well.  It seems they were developing a strong team spirit which reinforced their confidence and engagement skills.

Career Day


Hedley May again appreciated the chance to join a variety of professionals in a range of fields to share more about our own careers at the Annual Career Day of The Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice (“SLJ”) in Brooklyn, NY.  We met with small groups of 10th graders and answered questions about our own college experiences, the most important skills and lessons we learned that contributed to our professional successes, and our favorite parts of what we do as executive recruiters.

Interview Skills Workshop


Hedley May designed an interview skills workshop to help prepare 9th and 10th grade students as they interviewed to be part of two competitive and intensive mentorship programs, SEO Scholars and Summer Search, that begin in high school and last throughout college. We shared the “dos” and “don’ts” of interviewing, how to make a positive first impression, and tips on how to remain confident during these conversations. We then provided individual feedback to students during one-on-one mock interview sessions. Hedley May was very happy (though not surprised!) to hear that the students did incredibly well in their official interviews and that a record number were accepted into the programs! We hope to be able to run similar programs for SLJ students in the future.

Count the Jar – Centrepoint


We raised an impressive £192.21 from the coins that we accumulated in our community jar by our generous colleagues.  The money donated went to the Centrepoint charity who work with the homeless young people, aged 16-25, Centrepoint provide accommodation, health support and life skills to get the young people back into education, training and employment.

Christmas Food Bank – Whitechapel Mission


FOUR large boxes were donated by the Hedley May team to the Whitechapel Mission food bank. Hedley May took the trip with the supplies and briefly got to see the facilities. A HUGE thank you was given by those at the Whitechapel Mission for these much-needed supplies over the Christmas period.

We are hoping to keep this as an all year-round donation and will set up a box in the office where the team can continually add supplies to donate regularly. Often the homeless are less thought of outside of the festive period and so we are keen to make this a regular way of giving back to our local community.

College Crunch


Hedley May participated in SLJ’s Annual College Crunch program for the second time, working one-on-one with high school seniors, most of whom will be first generation college attendees, as they prepared to send off their application essays to colleges and scholarship programs. The students were applying to schools all over the United States and we tailored our conversations with each student to help each one think about how to express her/his ideas in an impactful (and grammatically correct) way.

Career Site Visit


Hedley May was excited to host a group of 10th grade students at our New York office for half a day. We enjoyed teaching them about the executive search profession and getting to know each of them through speed dating style interviews. Each member of the office sat down with the students to tell them more about her own career path and day-to-day responsibilities at Hedley May. We also talked about different career paths each student might take to play to her own interests, shared some interview tips, and ended the session with a pizza party.

Hedley May Challenge 2.0


Hedley May embarked on a new challenge on the 22 September completing a 46 mile long walk of a 210 mile stretch from London to York in celebration our new New York office.  The challenge will be completed over the next five years. We raised an impressive £13,309 for The Prince’s trust Fairbridge Programme. Learn more…

Prince’s Trust Internships


Hedley May carried out two internships in 2017.  We began by meeting a number of the prospective interns who came to us through the Prince’s Trust, to discover what direction they wished to take their career in and how that might align with the work we do and our values.  Having met approximately a number of prospective interns, we chose the individuals we felt could learn most from us and whom we could successfully support.

Each intern was allocated a mentor at Hedley May who took responsibility for leading them through a programme, however they both met every member of the team at Hedley May on a one to one basis.  The programme was designed to give each intern an overview of how we work and what we do but focused on areas of our business which we felt would allow them to acquire skills which would be useful to them in their chosen future career direction.  They were both actively involved in search projects, supporting the Hedley May search team and in addition to this attended meetings with external candidates, welcomed visitors to our offices and learned about the functional management areas in which we provide search services.

The aim was to allow each of them to be immersed in an office environment, learn and hone their own career ideas.  We received positive feedback from both and everyone at Hedley May found both processes extremely fulfilling and we have endeavoured to stay in touch with both individuals to offer support for their future growth where we can.