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Inclusion is about diverse outcomes

Our shortlists embrace diversity and facilitate inclusion. Over 56% of our global placements are diverse.

What do we do differently?

Diversity is top-of-mind in every search we do. Our process starts with the belief that there is always more to learn about a market. Rather than the “we just did this search” approach, we look beyond the obvious, go-to talent pools, including those candidates who may have an unusual career path and superstar up-and-comers who may be ready to take on stretch roles. Our assessment process allows us to determine how atypical skillsets can meet the criteria of a job spec. We also care about and maintain our diverse networks that we source for each search – diverse sources are more likely to know and recommend other diverse professionals who may have not yet found their limelight.

We bring every search back to our values. No shortlist can be considered excellent unless it is diverse. We need to demonstrate the courage to seek out new and exciting talent and encourage our clients to challenge their own conscious and unconscious biases. We are empathetic, not transactional with our clients and candidates.

And our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to our collaboration with our community partners. We are more than honored to work with young people from underserved communities, veterans and other underrepresented groups as they look for some support and direction in finding the best paths for their education and careers.

How do we keep our clients true?

Diverse shortlists are an inherent part of our search process – whether our clients require them or not.  But our responsibility does not stop there.  We urge our clients to create diverse interview panels and to push beyond having HR as the only representative of diversity.  Not only does this diversity of mindsets help balance unconscious biases and increase the likelihood of the client choosing a diverse placement, candidates also like to see that they would be joining a culture that promotes this kind of inclusion.  Our assessment is focused on potential so we can help our clients understand the future possibilities of all candidates and we constructively challenge preconceptions as we find them.

What influences a successful diverse outcome?

Ultimately, a great candidate is a great candidate whether diverse or not.  We focus on finding the best possible available talent in the market and the best possible fit with our clients’ needs.  However, our work doesn’t stop with the hire – we help our placements integrate into their new environment, making introductions within the organization and when appropriate, identifying internal or external mentors who can act as coaches or be their corporate champions.  Of course, much depends on the openness and commitment of our clients to diversity.  Our best route to success is to find fantastic candidates and businesses that are excited about them.  From there, the rest falls into place.