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Professionalising Professional Services

Are high quality functional leaders the magic ingredient? ...

What outstanding traits do female FTSE CFOs share?

Exceptional adaptability – Hedley May interviewed 9 of the 14 women that were appointed to FTSE 100 and 250 CFO ...

The Chair of the Audit Committee and Head of Internal Audit – a critical relationship but it needs work!

The relationship between the Chair of the Audit Committee and the Head of Internal Audit is critical to each other’s ...

Are FTSE’s fishing in the wrong pool for female CFOs?

There are more women on FTSE Boards than ever before but progress on diversifying the UK’s leading executive committees is ...

CFOs – twice as mobile as General Counsel

60% of CFOs change with a new CEO, evidence of how much importance is placed on the two roles working ...

HM Audit & Treasury Retention Index

Unprecedented levels of hiring activity over the past three years has exposed a weakness in the market for Group Heads ...
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