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Hedley May represents clients and candidates from many different backgrounds, cultures and communities all over the world. We respect difference, value diversity and believe in the critical importance of inclusion. We make it our priority to access the most diverse talent pools for every short list.

56% of our global placements in 2018 are diverse.

Inclusion is about diverse outcomes. Our shortlists embrace diversity and facilitate inclusion.

Anna Chambers and Eleanor Sutton, our Diversity & Inclusion Global Leaders, talk about our approach to securing diverse outcomes and our success in reaching 56% diverse appointments in 2017.

We asked eleven inspirational leaders three questions…

To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018 we asked senior leaders in each of Hedley May’s core practice areas three questions. How will you #PressforProgress?

Hedley May Thinking – Diversity & Inclusion

We take our Diversity & Inclusion strategy seriously.  Our Hedley May Thinking surfaces real issues faced by candidates and clients in the ever-changing market landscape.

We facilitate inclusion

Our search process is comprehensive. We uncover existing diverse candidates in any given talent pool

We also go beyond the obvious talent pools to identify diverse candidates with less apparent but highly relevant skills

We actively engage with and source from networks and organizations that represent diverse groups.

We recognise and strive to eliminate unconscious bias


We understand that social status, age, religion or beliefs, educational background, disability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and culture can define or divert what are thought of as traditional career paths.


We appreciate that innovative recruitment includes acknowledging why candidates may have varied motivations or why they may present themselves differently.

Unconcious bias

We are aware of unconscious biases that may cloud judgment and influence candidate evaluation. We advise our clients through these complexities.