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Mental wellbeing in the work place

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Mental Wellbeing in the work place

A study led by the World Health Organisation highlights that the Global economy is set to lose more than $900 billion in lost productivity due to mental health conditions by the year 2030.  Efforts in society and business have begun to positively make a difference and counteract the effects of these issues and place emphasis on tackling mental health but it is only the beginning.

  • The global cost of mental health conditions are projected to escalate to $6 trillion by 2030 (source: World Economic Forum and the Harvard School of Public Health)
  • 12 billion working days are set to be lost to depression and anxiety every year (source: World Health Organisation)

Dr Barbara Mariposa – Mental Health Expert and Thought Leader in the field of workplace wellbeing and Rachel Kelly – Writer and Ambassador for Mental Health, discuss the importance of tackling mental health issues in the work place.

60 second interview with Mental Health Expert, Dr Barbara Mariposa

"What happens if corporate leaders do not pay attention to the wellbeing of their work force?"

60 second interview with Writer, Public Speaker and Ambassador for Mental Health, Rachel Kelly

“I’ve been shocked by the level of stigma in many companies which I’ve come across in my work for mental health charities…”