New York


Hong Kong

It was mainly thought and planned that the project children have to be trained for preparing themselves for the work place. The idea about searching job was originated by the discussion among Esther, Mr. Daniel and I at the end of March 2018 was developed and used as an input for the UK office to facilitate such important training for the older students who are/will be graduating from the project. The idea was greatly appreciated by the management team here as it positively impact life of the project children. Accordingly, the training was facilitated for all intended grade levels. The following are the outcomes of the training.

  • The students greatly understood how their current life affect their future life
  • The children were able to know how  their personality affect their life in the work sites
  • The students understood the importance of their current studying in their future career
  • The students learned the common ways of preparing their curriculum vitae
  • The importance of approaches of interview in getting job was understood
  • The use of comprehensive application letter in getting job was understood
  • The importance of different key elements of Curriculum vitae in finding job